South Yarra Counselling provides the extra hand you may need to get you to the place you want to be.  Our certified counsellor and hypnotherapist is here to help you understand your past so that you can enjoy your future.

Whether your sessions are online or in the clinic, South Yarra Counselling provides individually tailored, flexible options.


"It's amazing what a little encouragement and insight does. Astrid  helped me open my eyes to see what can be accomplished by establishing boundaries, thinking about my values and using my strengths. There really is something to be said for talking things over with a trained therapist. " - Gerard T.

Most people want to live purposefully and get the most out of life; however anxiety, depression and relationship issues can get in the way.  To get what you want in your personal life and become successful professionally takes a lot of work, a good bit of determination, and sometimes an extra hand.