South Yarra Counselling is a private counselling practice located in Hawksburn, South Yarra. 

Grounded in a mission of helping others with growth and self-discovery, South Yarra Counselling provides clients with keys and tools to make gains in every aspect of life. Be it personal or professional, I help others find a path that leads to happiness, success, and a fruitful life.

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?  While there is some overlap between the two, counselling is about finding the solutions & resources which can help you manage your current situation.  While medication can be immediately helpful, therapy helps you understand your present challenge so that you can build resilience and personal skills to help you meet future challenges as they arise.    

Psychotherapy on the other hand is a slower, deeper process. The abilty to reflect on the psychological and emotional aspects of your life, takes time and patience.  It is through critical reflection that unhelpful patterns can be identified and traced back to their genesis.  Once identified, the emotion keeping you tied to the initial experience can be released, freeing you of the sensitivity to triggers which arise in relationships. 

Unconscious processes, glimpsed through dreams or recurring motifs can also be looked at within the context of your explorations, providing alternative perspectives or directions in therapy.   

In contrast Clinical hypnotherapy, which is also available at South Yarra Counselling, is a much faster process.  It is used to induce a state of relaxation and relieve tension through guided imagery over a few sessions.  Digital recordings are availble for clients to take home for daily use.   

Smoking cessation and Healthy Eating are available as programs and are also supported by the use of take home audio recordings.  

At South Yarra Counselling we have the conviction that when we are deeply understood our own healing capacities unlock, creating the opportunity for lasting change.  By understanding our past we can change our future for the better. 

Astrid Southey
(BCoun. Adv.Dip. TPC. Dip Hyp.)