Depression casts a long shadow over our lives, and it is a complex condition which effect everyone differently.  While it can be immediately helpful, medication by itself cant teach you how to cope with life’s challenges and it won’t help you understand your strengths and personal values.  Importantly medication won’t help you uncover insights into emotionally difficult situations, enabling you to move forward.

The process of talking things over with me at South Yarra Counselling allows you to examine and reflect upon – in a positive way – those areas in life where you are experiencing difficulties. Counselling can help you identify the buried emotions leading to anxiety or inconsistencies in your reflections which may hold you back or keep you stuck in negative patterns of relationship, or feelings of depression.

This process of critical reflection is an essential aspect of refining your fit to the environment which supports you, and the resulting clarification of your feelings and values can open the door to positive, lasting change in your life.

Whether you find yourself ruminating on past events, in crisis, or just need to find a way forward in your personal development, counselling is an important part of any recovery and self-development program.