The Keys to Happiness
& Success Are in Your Grasp

With South Yarra Counselling, you'll get to experience a different way of examining the now, about looking at what is possible, and how to achieve a goal. Challenges and obstacles are simply a part of life, but how you decide to look at them makes all the difference.

The choice is yours, either Online Therapy  or clinic visits (or a combination of both) are available.


If you are ready to experience life anew, we’re here to help. It's amazing what talking to a therapist can do for your continued wellbeing and passion for life.  

In some cases Medibank Private offers rebates for counselling and hypnotherapy.  If you wish to claim rebates for  any services please check with them that you have the appropriate cover.

What to expect when you come to counselling.

Before you think about counselling please consider what it is you wish to change about yourself or your life.  Then make a commitment to yourself to see that change through.  

Please send me an email and I will contact you to arrange the best time for your initial consultation, which is free of charge if conducted by phone or online.   

With the initial consultation we can get to know each other and I will ask you questions about your general health, lifestyle, relationships and working life.   After this we will spend a moment or two going over the issue which brought you to counselling, after which we can discuss any expectations you may have regarding length and cost of treatment.

Counselling is a collaborative process so we can discuss and plan your sessions in accordance with your therapeutic goals. 

It is often asked how long the counselling process takes, and you should be aware that counselling is rarely a one-session miracle process.  Counselling involves alot of critical reflection which may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to months of treatment, depending on your life experiences.   Counselling can also be very difficult as it involves processing long-buried, painful emotions and memories. So there will be times when you will feel uncomfortable, challenged or messy but you should know that that is all part of the healing process.

The opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of your therapy is present throughout your treatment and adjustments to the delivery of services , ie in-clinic visits or online sessions, can be made as needed. 

In-clinic individual appointments are charged at $134.00 a session.